How to Set Up Automatic WiFi Captive Portal Login on Windows

While some WiFi setups are either insecure and open or secured with a password, many schools, hotels, stores, and other WiFi-providing entities have a third setup – The WiFi is open, but 99.99% of the web is blocked until you authenticate on the wifi’s captive portal.  In web terminology, a portal is a page from which you can get to other pages.  The captive portal is a portal to every other page on the internet:  Captive refers to the fact that it grabs all http connections – capturing you – and sending you to the portal for authentication.

Sometimes the captive portal is used to inform you of terms or rules, and sometimes it even collects exorbitant sums of money (case in point – planes).  If you’re looking to bypass wifi cost, I can’t help you.  But if you’re logging into a free wifi such as in your school, we can automate that process to make it less of a hassle when you move around and your computer starts communicating with a different router.

To do this, we will install Lynx and OpenSSL, create a script for lynx which logs in to the wifi, create a batch file which runs lynx and passes the script, and then bundle the two files together with iexpress to run in the background.  Finally, we’ll schedule a task in the Task Scheduler to automatically run this program when you connect to WiFi.

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