How to Configure And Forget About Unchecky

When circumstances give me a few minutes with other people’s Windows computers, the first thing I check for (after looking at the hardware specs) is bloatware.  Bloatware is the extra, unnecessary, third-party software which many computers come pre-bundled with.  In most cases, I advise people to uninstall everything that isn’t directly from Microsoft, and in the case of Windows 10, many of the things that are.  However, there was one piece of “bloatware” I found on a friend’s Acer laptop which I immediately went and installed on all my computers.

Introducing Unchecky:

Unchecky aids in the prevention of the installation of potenUnchecky Logotially unwanted programs (PUPs) by automatically unchecking additional offers it detects in installers.  PUPs which try to trick you into agreeing to install them through checkboxes in other software’s installers are called bundleware.  If you’ve never heard of bundleware before, chances are pretty high you have some.

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