Everything You Need to Know About Everything

Okay, maybe that was a misleading title.  I can’t tell you everything, as that would negate your purpose in the universe.

Maybe this would all make more sense if I told you that everything is a noun.  On the other hand, every thing is a noun, so that might just make things more complicated.

What is Everything?  Everything is a lightweight search utility which enables you to find anything you might have lost on your computer’s harddrive.

Now, I know what I’d be thinking if somebody told me this – I have Windows 10, which has a convenient search feature built in!

Search is Accessible from the Start Menu

That’s great, in theory, but not in practice.  There are some key problems with this search function which sent me hunting for a better solution. 

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Hololens Demo Review

“I’m going to try Hololens next Friday,” I told a friend in one of my computer science classes.  

“To try what?”


“I have an appointment at the Microsoft Store today,” I announce to some friends at breakfast.  A few raise their eyebrows.


“I’m going to try Hololens.”

“What’s that?”

“Is it like, holograph?” another pipes in.

I do not roll my eyes, but I get very close to doing so.


Apparently nobody knows what Hololens is. 

Microsoft Hololens

(image credit: Microsoft)

In a nutshell, Hololens is Microsoft’s take on Augmented Reality.  That is, Hololens integrates virtual three dimensional objects with your physical surroundings which yields a “mixed reality” of physical and virtual objects. 

Last Friday, I demoed the Hololens at Microsoft’s fancy new store on 5th Avenue. 

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