Hololens Demo Review

“I’m going to try Hololens next Friday,” I told a friend in one of my computer science classes.  

“To try what?”


“I have an appointment at the Microsoft Store today,” I announce to some friends at breakfast.  A few raise their eyebrows.


“I’m going to try Hololens.”

“What’s that?”

“Is it like, holograph?” another pipes in.

I do not roll my eyes, but I get very close to doing so.


Apparently nobody knows what Hololens is. 

Microsoft Hololens

(image credit: Microsoft)

In a nutshell, Hololens is Microsoft’s take on Augmented Reality.  That is, Hololens integrates virtual three dimensional objects with your physical surroundings which yields a “mixed reality” of physical and virtual objects. 

Last Friday, I demoed the Hololens at Microsoft’s fancy new store on 5th Avenue. 

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